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Suppose you’ve been looking at the margin rates of Interactive Brokers. In that case, you might be wondering what the popular discount online broker can loan them money for securities trading at such low-interest rates.

Most online brokers provide an account for margin trades with margin rates typically ranging from 2.5 up to 8.8% contingent upon the Broker’s reputation and the account’s balance. The difference is that Interactive Brokers provides Interactive broker margin rate of 1.59 percent or less. What is the reason for this?

Interactive Brokers offers interactive brokers margin loan with an application specifically tailored to experienced and active traders who make substantial profits despite the minimal margin rates. Users who fail to reach minimum activity thresholds get charged $10 per calendar month. There are additional fees for accounts with balances less than $100,000.

Interactive Brokers liquidate accounts of customers with no warning to repay any debt. In this piece, I will discuss the many reasons why Interactive Broker margin rates are so low. I will also talk about some details about Interactive Brokers.

Who Interactive Brokers Is For

Interactive Broker is a great choice for institutional investors and active skilled traders that require an efficient trading platform and access to various assets. The Broker has tried to expand its reach by introducing new services, products, and educational content aimed at less active traders and investors. But IBKR’s status as a leading platform might remain a challenge for less experienced investors. IBKR accepts customers from more than 220 nations and territories. It also allows trading in 135 markets in 33 countries using 23 currencies.


  • The wide variety of offerings available all over the globe and across all asset classes
  • Superior order execution
  • Fantastic trading tools
  • Interactive brokers margin interest rates with low margins


  • IBKR’s SmartRouter does not work for IBKR Lite customers
  • This can be intimidating for those who aren’t experienced and less active investors.
  • There is no backtesting of custom-designed algorithmic trading or automatized trading.

Trade Experience

The onboarding process at IBKR has become simpler over the past few years. You can create an account and not fund it immediately (you have the time of 90 days to make this happen). The website is well-designed, as is the Client Portal and IBot, an AI-powered digital assistant that can assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

Interactive Brokers has multiple trading platforms that include desktop and web, along with mobile-friendly versions (IBKR Mobile), which are available on Android and iOS devices. The app offers nearly the same capabilities as the web platform; however, neither is as powerful as Trader Workstation (TWS), the main trading platform for the company.

You can trade the same asset classes across any platform. Additionally, you can access streaming data in real-time, drawing tools, charting research tools, and news and research across all platforms. The news comes from myriad sources, including Benzinga, Dow Jones, Morningstar, Seeking Alpha, Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv, and even in-house commentary. A premium subscription to news is offered at the cost of a month. Watchlists for mobile devices you create are shared with the internet and desktop platforms.

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Mobile Trade Experience

Interactive Broker Margin Rate

The same class of asset and the same types of order (including conditional orders) in both IBKR mobile and TWS. The mobile app is user-friendly, and the process is simple and flows seamlessly from one step to the next. Mobile platforms offer the same capabilities for research on the Client Portal with screens and tools for options strategy.

Range of Offerings

Interactive Brokers has the largest variety of asset classes within the brokerage market. It frequently adds new products based on customers’ needs and provides connections to new electronic exchanges as soon as it is feasible. Customers can trade over 35,000 mutual funds. Around 8,300 aren’t fee-based transactions (all the funds on the marketplace are free of charge).

Here’s an overview of the offerings offered by IBKR:

    • Stocks, both short and long (about 16,500 ), are available for borrowing)
    • OTCBB (penny shares)
    • Mutual funds (world’s largest market for mutual funds with more than 35,000 funds and over 8,300 no-transaction-fee funds)
    • Bonds: municipal, corporate C.D.s, Treasury International
    • Multi-leg and single-leg options with up to 8 legs
    • Futures, options, and the futures market
    • Robo-advisory Interactive Advisors, integrated into the IBKR website and mobile
    • International (135 exchanges across 33 countries that allow you to trade options, stocks, bonds, futures, forex, funds, as well as contracts for difference with one account)
    • Forex (23 currencies and 115 trading pairs)
    • Fractional trading of shares for U.S. stocks listed on NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, ARCA, or BATS in addition to OTC Pink U.S. penny stocks with average daily volumes of more than $10 million and market caps over $400 million. Non-U.S. stocks aren’t offered for fractional share trading. (Note: TWS Build Version 979 or greater is required for trading fractional shares.)
    • The IPO, warrants as well as single-stock futures
    • The Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash), in addition to cryptocurrency futures, indexes, and ETFs

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Do Interactive Broker Margin Rates Compare To Those Of Its Competitors?

Let’s examine the interactive broker margin rate of five commonly popular brokers on the internet today.

  • Robinhood offers an unbeatable rate of 2.5 percent.
  • Fidelity offers margin rates ranging from 4 to between 4% and 8.33%.
  • Tastyworks offers margins ranging from 5-8 percent.
  • Charles Schwab’s prices range between 6.5 percent to 8.33 percent.
  • T.D. Ameritrade‘s margin rates are excessive, with a low value of 7.5 percent and a very high value of 9.5 percent.

For comparison, interactive broker margin rate are 1.59 percent for balances below $100,000. 1.09 percent for accounts between $1,000,000 and $100,000 and 0.75 percent for balances over $1 million. Only Robinhood is slightly more in line with the same rates. However, it isn’t within the same range.

How Do Fees For Interactive Brokers Work

 Interactive brokers fees charges for trading are minimal. This is a benefit for those who make lots of trading regularly. You can pick among these two Interactive broker margin rate which are Interactive Brokers’ fixed rate and tiered price plans:

  • fixed price plan typically has an unaffected rate per share or contract. The cost includes all commissions as well as fees for the exchange.
  • This price plan is tied. The price plan charges fees based on the number of trades you make each month. Suppose you make more trades, less the commissions. However, exchange, regulatory, and clearing fees could be added to the price.

Beginning at the end of 2019, U.S. clients can also opt for a brand new service plan named IBKR LITE. This service plan allows them to trade US-listed and US-listed ETFs without commissions. Read below to know why interactive brokers margin rates are so low.

How Do Interactive Broker Margin Rate So Low?

It is essential to realize that Interactive Brokers provides a platform specifically designed for experienced traders. Insufficient knowledge, skills, and funds can result in substantial losses while using the system. Here are three reasons offering lower margins is feasible for Interactive Brokers.

1. Interactive Brokers are charged fees that other brokers don’t

Because many active traders use the platform, there is a level of activity that an individual must reach to be eligible to avoid having to pay the $10 per month fee. Interactive Brokers also charge users when they want to access market information. Additionally, users have to pay fees when their account balance is less than $100,000.

2. Low interactive broker margin rate draw high-end traders

Since the majority of the users on the platform are high-end traders, lots of money is invested in each transaction. This means that the margins are small. Rates can still bring in significant profits for the company. Like that, Interactive Brokers has significant revenue from commissions paid to its traders.

3. Interactive Brokers has zero leniencies toward debt.

Another fact to know about IB margin rate is it has zero leniencies towards debt. Suppose a customer leverages through using funds from Interactive Brokers, and the investment is deemed to be in more negative outcomes. In that case, the company immediately liquidates the user’s assets to ensure the debt can be paid. This is a further example of how the platform is designed to the needs of experts in trading. There is not much support for the users of the platform.

How Much Margin Does Interactive Brokers Give

IB clients have the opportunity to take advantage of intraday margins for securities that are generally 25% lower than long stock values during active market hours. The margin requirement for overnight holdings is 50%.


The main question concerns the type of account you are performing with your account. If you’re planning to save for retirement and are a U.S. customer, then one of the IRAs are the best choice for you. If otherwise, the individual, joint, or tax-deductible trust accounts are the best option for investors.

But, Interactive Brokers offers accounts that are not targeted at people with specific terms and conditions. This includes the family office account, advisory accounts, funds manager account, custom account for trading groups, and much more. These do not apply to regular investors, but they illustrate the depth and breadth of Interactive Brokers’ platform.

A trading account on margin with Interactive Brokers may be an ideal option for active and experienced traders. However, it could be more harmful than beneficial for people with no experience in trading. The low Interactive broker margin rate appeal but can only be used under specific conditions. These rates can be counterbalanced by additional charges and a limited level of customer support.

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