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Google Pay is the most popular digital payment option on shopping websites worldwide. Google created it to replace older payment options like Android Pay and Google Wallet. Google Pay allows users to shop online and offline without sharing their credit card information. So, what store accepts google pay?

It’s smart to verify that a store accepts google pay payment options before leaving your wallet. The app can be used to make online, in-app, and in-person contactless payments. Once you have added your credit card details, you can go. We will be listing what store accepts google pay.

What Is Google Pay

Before we know what store accepts google pay, Lets get a little understanding of google pay. Google rebranded and revamped its online and mobile payments services and placed them under the Google Pay or G Pay umbrella. It is the company’s alternative to Apple Pay. It’s essentially a mobile wallet.

It can be used for online and in-app purchases, contactless shop payments, and peer-to-peer money transfers. G Pay can do the heavy lifting, whether shopping online for sneakers or purchasing your morning coffee. G Pay is more than just about paying for stuff or sending money. Apple Pay allows you to load train tickets, passes, and rewards cards onto your Apple Pay. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Covid card or something else.

Who Can Accept Google Pay?

Before we know what store accepts google pay, Lets know who can accept google pay. Google Pay is supported by many banks and countries and accepted in major stores. American Eagle Outfitters and Bloomingdale’s are just a few US stores that accept Google Pay.

Their tagline states that can pay for anything, wherever, with Google Pay. But the truth is, Google Pay isn’t accepted everywhere. This service isn’t available in all countries. All shops do not accept it.

Stay with me; we’ll be able to identify the locations that accept Google Pay through this listA.

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The Benefits of Accepting Google Pay

Before we know what store accepts google pay, Lets know the benefits of accepting googlepay. Google Pay is a great way for customers to shop in your store. These are just some of the benefits.

1. Fast Contactless Checkout

Customers can purchase without touching screens, inserting cards, or entering PINs. They can even leave their car and make purchases online. Customers expect to be able to pay with their digital wallets, and Google Pay is an easy option for those who are already logged in to their Google Accounts.

Google Pay is a digital wallet that allows customers to electronically store their expiration dates and CVC codes. This gives Google Pay an extremely high acceptance rate and reduces friction relative to other payment methods (World Pay).

2. Better Security and Fraud Protection

With numerous security features, Google Pay protects merchants from fraudulent charges and expensive chargebacks. Google Pay digital wallets have 99.6% less chargeback volume than cards (WorldPay). Google uses virtual account numbers to send actual credit and debit data and biometric authorization. This makes it nearly impossible for third parties to access private financial information.

3. It’s Free

Google Pay is a mobile app that’s free and available on the Google Play Store. When customers use Google Pay to purchase, they don’t have to pay additional transaction fees. Google Pay charges a fee to transfer funds to debit cards and other fees typical for the industry.

4. Customers are more loyal.

Spot Hero, a parking app, saw a 20x increase in conversions when Google Pay was the default payment option for new users. Booking site Hotel Tonight users were 65% more likely to complete their booking flows (Google Pay). Customers can sign up for Google Pay and log in across all devices by accepting Google Pay as a merchant.

Customers can make purchases using a more convenient payment method, save current offers, and receive real-time reminders to use loyalty cards. This increases the likelihood of repeat customers.

How to Accept Google Pay in Your Online Store

Before we know what stores accept google pay online, Lets know what does google pay cost. Google Pay is integrated with many Payment Service Providers to enable customers to buy a business website. Customers can quickly check out using the payment information stored in their Google Account. This makes it easier to check out and reduces cart abandonment.
You must sign up with the Google Pay Business Console to receive a merchant identification. To add Google Pay to your checkout process, you’ll need to sign up with the Google Pay Business Console. Your web developer will help you to implement the APIs. Once Google Pay approves your integration, you can launch Google Pay.

What Does Google Pay Cost?

Before we know what store accepts google pay, Lets know what does google pay cost. Google Pay is free for merchants. Your PSP is the only fee you should pay attention to. Google, for example, distinguishes in-store purchases from online and will label them “card present” or “card not present” for in-store payments or POS payments. You should be aware that “card, not present transactions” usually charge a higher fee.

Why Your Business Needs to Accept Google Pay

Before we know what store accepts google pay, Lets know why your business needs to accept google pay. A repeat customer is more valuable than a customer. Accepting Google Pay is easy to use and seamless in payment. This will ensure that your customers return for more. Google Pay is used worldwide by millions of people. However, this contactless payment option has also grown in popularity since the global pandemic.

Its security features give it higher acceptance rates. Ewallets such as Google Pay report a +13-21% greater acceptance rate than cards (WorldPay). Businesses that allow customers to use Google Pay can serve and retain millions of global customers.

How to Find Who Accepts Google Pay

Before we know what store accepts google pay or what store accept google pay, Lets know how to find who accepts google pay. Google Pay is a mobile wallet/application and online payments system that allows for cashless payments to sender and recipient. Google Play can be downloaded and used on Android or iOS phones. Pay anywhere, anytime, and through your bank account. You don’t have to worry about checking your cash balance. Knowing the locations that accept Google Pay before you go is better.

  • It is possible to shop for various items only to find out that the store where you purchased them all does not accept Google payments. You can search for places that accept Google Pay directly from the app.
  • By adding cards to your Google Pay account, you can search for places that support Google Pay.
  • You can add a debit or credit to your account to set up Google Pay and explore the locations.

To do the same, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Google Pay app on your phone.

2. As shown below, tap on the Profile icon in the upper-right corner.

3. As shown below, tap on Pay Businesses Debit/Credit Card

4. A pop-up window will open. To add the card to Google Pay, tap Proceed


5. You can then click on a photo of your credit/debit cards or manually enter card details to add them to your Google Pay account.

6. Scroll down after adding the card and tap on Explore to choose Businesses or bills, as shown below.

7. You will find sections such as Trending and Food. These sections show you the closest stores and places for this type of business. This will allow you to see who accepts Google Pay for transactions.

List of Top Shopping Apps that Accept Google Pay 2022

What Store Accepts Google Pay

Although some top shopping sites/apps, such as AliExpress and Walmart, do not accept Google Pay, most e-commerce platforms allow you to purchase goods or services. So let’s what store accepts google pay or what online stores accept google pay:

1. eBay

eBay is an online shopping platform connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. eBay offers many payment options, including Google Play. Android users can make purchases via the eBay app by using Google. You can also use Google Pay to make purchases on eBay’s website for desktop, mobile browsers, and iOS.

2. Wish

Wish, an American online shopping site similar to eBay is a Wish. They connect thousands of sellers and buyers. Wish accepts google payment methods and nearly all popular payment methods, including Google Play.

3. Fandango

Fandango Media, an American Company, sells movie tickets via its website/app. Their subsidiary company, Rotten Tomatoes, also offers a streaming and television service. You can also purchase tickets through the app using Google Pay.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce site in China and around the globe. Alibaba hosts millions of merchants and buyers, as well as millions of businesses. Alibaba offers a variety of payment options to suit the needs of buyers. Alibaba also accepts Google Pay, which is a departure from other major players in the industry.

5. Verishop

Verishop is one the most popular online shopping platforms for emerging brands and designers in fashion, home, beauty, and other categories. The app also allows you to live shop on sales streaming videos. Verishop accepts Google Pay as a payment method for products purchased.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is an American website that allows travelers to connect with other Airbnb users. This app allows people to rent out empty rooms in their homes to be used as lodging. Airbnb accepts most online payments, including Google Pay.

7. Target

Target is an American in-store and online marketplace that sells various products, including groceries, electronics, and essentials. Google Pay can be used to purchase products on the online shopping app. You can use the Google Pay contactless payments feature to purchase products at Target’s physical stores.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy is the largest computer store in the United States. They are known for offering the best prices. You can buy many products, including electronics, computers, and appliances. You can purchase Google Play from their online store.

9. Uber

Uber is the largest ride-sharing company in the world. They provide rides and drivers to riders and deliver them to customers. Uber App users can request a ride and delivery. Android users can use Google Pay to pay for their orders. Google Pay is accepted by hundreds of online shops for both in-store and online purchases.

10. Daily Sale

Daily Sale is an e-commerce platform that sells consumer goods. You can purchase a variety of products from different categories. They have been rated one of the top online shops because they offer great prices, simple checkout, and outstanding customer service. You can use Google Pay to pay for your order when you check in on the platform.

Countries Where You Can Use Google Pay

After we know what store accepts google pay, lets know countries where you can use google pay. Google Pay is making its services more accessible every day. It is now available in many countries around the world. Some features may not be available in all countries. The following countries only support in-store and contactless purchases:

United States United Kingdom
Singapore Australia
Hong Kong Poland
New Zealand Ireland
Japan  Belgium
Russia Canada
Taiwan Spain
Ukraine Brazil
Czech Republic Slovakia
Germany Croatia
India Italy
Finland Denmark
Norway Sweden
Chile United Arab Emirates
France Switzerland

You can only use Google Pay to pay for train and bus tickets in Japan, Singapore, and Russia. You can only use the send money feature to friends in three countries: India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Banks That Support Google Pay

After we know what store accepts google pay, lets know banks that support google pay. Thousands of banks support Google Pay. There are many participating banks in the United States, and it would be impossible to list them all here.

We’ll only focus on the top US banks and the supported cards for each bank.

Banks Supported Cards
Wells Fargo Business Credit Visa, Consumer Credit Visa, American Express, Consumer Prepaid Visa, Consumer, and Business Debit Visa
US Bank Credit Mastercard cards, Debit and credit Visa cards, Consumer, corporate and small business cards
USAA American Express Credit, Mastercard Credit, and Visa Debit and Credit
Regions Personal Visa Credit, Small business and personal credit, and Now Banking Visa Prepaid
PNC Visa Debit and Credit
NFCU Visa Debit and Credit, Mastercard Credit
HSBC Consumer credit and debit cards
Green Dot SEIU Everyday Mastercard, Green Dot Everyday Mastercard
Discover PBoA Debit Cards, Discover Consumer Credit
CITI Citi MasterCard Debit and Credit, Citi Visa Credit, AT&T Mastercard, Costco AnyWhere Consumer, Hilton Visa Credit, and Expedia MasterCard and Visa Credit
Chase Chase Visa business debit cards, Chase Visa consumer prepaid, debit and credit cards
Capital One US Consumer MC Credit and Debit, US Consumer Visa Credit
BBVA Compass Consumer BBVA Compass Visa debit, prepaid and credit cards
Barclays US All consumer credit and debit cards
BAC  US Trust consumer credit and debit cards, Bank of America small business debit and commercial credit cards, and Bank of America consumer credit and debit cards
AMEX General-purpose prepaid cards, Consumer credit cards, Corporate cards, Gift cards, and mall business cards

Other Famous Companies In the USA That Use Google Pay 2022

After we know what store accepts google pay, lets know other famous companies in the usa that use google pay. So most people ask “what stores near me accept google pay?” Below are answers to your questions:

  • Burger King
  • Giant
  • Game Stop
  • Dunkin
  • Nike
  • BevMo
  • Brookshire
  • Champs
  • Jet Blue
  • Giant Eagle
  • KFC
  • Chevron
  • Conoco
  • Disney World
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Foot Locker


They say that great technology meets people where they are. Merchants offer more ways for customers to pay online in today’s eCommerce world.
Millions of people have adopted Google Pay as one of the most secure, fast, and cost-free digital wallets. Google Pay is supported by banks and top retailers as well.

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