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Car subscription services offer customers a car with a vehicle in return for a monthly cost. Car subscriptions typically include maintenance, registration, 24/7 roadside assistance and liability insurance. Continue reading and enjoy our Finn auto review.

In contrast to a lease that is a two-to four-year commitment, it is possible to contract a car rental service for a year, one month or even a whole year. Additionally, you can exchange your car for a new one each month. What company would be ideal for that, other than Finn auto?

Finn has transformed how we think about car ownership and made driving with FINN just as simple as purchasing shoes on the internet. Instant, flexible car subscription with your favorite them, including fuel. You have time and energy and save money through the utterly digital procedure.

No more grueling service station visits and no additional costs. In this post, we’ll write a Finn Auto review that will provide all you must learn regarding Finn auto.

What is Finn Auto

Finn Auto Review 2022 Review

First on our Finn auto review is what is Finn Auto. Finn is an electric and hybrid vehicle subscription service available for delivery only in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York. Finn is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Their primary focus is sustainability and providing customers with an entry point into the electric and hybrid markets. They are a carbon-neutral company working with Climate Partner in several projects, ensuring CO2 offset. Finn is open to drivers from the US who have good credit ratings at the age of 25.

FINN provides monthly car subscriptions to provide an environmentally sustainable way to travel. The company’s goal is to make the mobility experience enjoyable and sustainable. We assist anyone who enjoys driving their vehicle but wants to avoid the stress with commitment, hassle and unreliable cost of owning a car.

We do this by providing all-inclusive, instant and monthly auto subscriptions. The best part is when you drive, we plant trees; every trip is carbon-neutral.

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Why Choose FINN Auto?

Secondly on our Finn auto review is we want to let you know why you should you choose Finn Auto.

  • All-in-one coverage: Including insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. And more without putting any cash down.
  • Six or twelve-month contracts: Enjoy that brand-new vehicle feel again and again.
  • Life-changing easy: Get your subscription within 5 minutes, and you can leave the paperwork behind.

How it works (Finn Auto Review)

Finn’s subscription services function the same way as many of its other non-electric subscription rivals:

  • Sign up for the service, and Finn will verify your credit score. You must be older than 25 with an excellent driving history.
  • You must pay the first month’s payment up front and a deposit if needed. The monthly subscription includes everything except for fuel, and the minimum subscription amount is six months.
  • If your subscription is over and you cannot renew it, you can purchase another and get an alternative vehicle or renew your current one.
  • The cancellation option is only available after the minimum period.

It is recommended to return your vehicle to Glovis. The vehicle can return to Glovis at Philadephia at the end of the lease. However, Finn will also provide the option of picking up your vehicle at $199.

Cost and fees

Also on our Finn auto review is we want to let you know the cost and fees of Finn Auto subscription.

While there isn’t an official payment for Finn’s services, they can apply for them at their discretion when your credit rating or driver’s record needs to be updated or if they decide to do so.

The monthly cost for the subscription can be charged each month on the day of delivery the following month. Prices for Finn’s vehicles vary between $499 and $1049 per month, based on the duration, mileage plan and the type of vehicle.

Additional miles that are added on top of your package will be charged $0.25 per mile. In addition, should you be involved in an accident, or damage to the automobile, the highest deductible amount will be $1000 for each claim.


Models and brands

Finn has a few models of electric and hybrid vehicles:

  • Tesla Model 3 / Model Y
  • Jeep Compass / Grand Cherokee
  • Chevrolet Blazer / Camaro
  • Nissan Sentra

Frequently Asked Questions

Also on our Finn auto review are frequently asked questions which we would see below:

1. What is my car’s subscription with FINN include?

Your FINN car insurance subscription includes insurance maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance, vehicle registration, and car titling.

It is important to note that FINN does not warrant that your vehicle is registered to your state of residence or that your vehicle’s license plate aligns with the state you are registering to. FINN subscriptions don’t include parking permits or parking registrations, nor do they include fuel (including electricity or gas) and tolls or violation fees.

2. Which countries can I use my vehicle in?

The vehicle is only operated within only the Continental United States.

3. Does my license plate correspond to my residence state?

We strive to provide our customers with license plates from their home states. However, the FINN vehicle might come with plates from another state. You should be fine if you have your FINN subscription papers in your car.

4. What are the conditions I must comply with?

To be able to drive one of our vehicles, you must be at minimum 25, possess been a holder of an active US driver’s license for at least two years, and have a FICO credit score at or above 640. You must also meet FINN’s safety requirements and comply with all the conditions in your subscription agreement. As with any other vehicle, you must have an active US driver’s license throughout your subscription to FINN.

It is important to note that customers who have credit scores of 640-679, according to TransUnion, must be required to make an upfront payment equivalent to up to 2 months of the monthly installment. The deposit will be refunded after your subscription once all payments due to FINN have been paid. Deposits are not able to be used to credit “credit.”

5. Do I have to add additional drivers for my FINN subscription?

FINN customers can indeed include an extra driver on their vehicle. Additional drivers must meet the exact specifications of the primary driver (subscribers). Please remember that only immediate family spouses, spouses, and other subscribers’ member’s families are eligible to be added as extra drivers, with exceptions only being granted under rare circumstances, subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

To add a driver, the driver who is the primary (subscriber) must email the company at [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Name of the first and last name of the additional driver.
  2. Address for email (must be distinct from Subscriber’s Email address)
  3. Relationship to the subscriber (immediate family, spouse or household member)
  4. A valid US driver’s license (images of the front and back)

After receiving this information, the team will review the driver’s eligibility and contact them regarding the subsequent steps.


Finn’s service is simple to use and provides the convenience of delivery to customers and a broad price range. But, their principal USP is their focus on sustainability, which includes carbon-neutral processes and a small fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. The addition of two Tesla models is another selling factor for the business.

Finn’s subscription service is a way to promote sustainability and electric car ownership through its fleet of small vehicles. The company has been able to offer affordable prices, and even though the range of services is yet to be extensive, they are growing in presence in the US. At present, the terms of subscription need to be more flexible for the subscription market with 12-month and 6-month terms only. However, cars of every type (family hatchback, saloon) within their portfolio provide the opportunity to connect with as many customers as possible.

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