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If you’re in the B2B industry, chances are you have some companies you would like to collaborate with, or perhaps you might have a handful of dream clients.

What are LinkedIn’s targeting options as well as how do they function? Other questions are how to target specific companies on LinkedIn. We’ve created an overview of these options and provided instructions on how you can use these options to help your campaign plan achieve more significant outcomes.

With the help of LinkedIn Ads, you can use the targeting of your company’s list to get in touch with prospects. Also, you can have the opportunity to convert these dream customers into customers. In this article we would be explaining in details how to target specific companies on LinkedIn.

What Is Linkedin’s Ads Targeting

Before we know how to target specific companies on LinkedIn, let’s know what LinkedIn’s Ads Targeting is all about. The targeting feature of Linkedin lets you connect with the most influential decision-makers and executives on a large scale. It allows you to focus your efforts on them based on their work experience, business, expertise and many more. Targeting is the basis of making a successful campaign.

LinkedIn ads offer a variety of options for targeting. This allows you to ensure that your ads are delivered to the correct people. If you’re looking to test the efficacy of your ad against different groups, you can save your audience’s data as a model to build on later.

Why Is LinkedIn Targeting Successful?

Before we know how to target specific companies on linkedin, let’s know why is linkedin targeting successful. Linkedin currently has an audience that is 675 million professionals. Of all the social networks, Linkedin probably has the most precise data for professionals.

Members update their profiles to enhance networking opportunities for personal branding, networking, and job openings. A profile that is not up-to-date could affect their career and personal growth.

In contrast to other platforms, users aren’t likely to “fake” their account information. It isn’t enjoyable to be discovered by their coworkers and friends.

Like me, you make use of each platform for different reasons. For Facebook, most users don’t put their work on the line as professional. 75% of Facebook users are lying on Facebook about themselves.

Many people paint a perfect image of their lives through Facebook or Instagram; however, it’s far from reality. This is a false picture of the individual.

I’m not suggesting that Linkedin is perfect, nor do I think it is. It certainly paints an accurate picture of a person’s professional life. Not using Linkedin by 2022 would be a huge mistake, particularly when you’re a B2B marketing professional.

What is a LinkedIn Matched Audience?

Before we know how to target specific companies on linkedin, let’s know what is linkedin matched audience. LinkedIn Matched Audiences allow you to refine your target audience more precisely and possibly target potential customers and those with whom you’ve already established connections.

You can reach out to those who make the decisions in the companies you wish to connect with. You can connect with those who are LinkedIn users who’ve visited your site and utilize your customer databases to discover high-quality LinkedIn contacts.

If you’re using Sponsored inMail and Sponsored Content along with other LinkedIn marketing tools, you’ll be glad to know that Matched Audiences can work seamlessly with them.

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Understanding Company Targeting

Before we know how to target specific companies on LinkedIn, let’s understand how LinkedIn company targeting works. You can target them by various properties of your company to reach the people you want to reach.

1. Company Connections

Utilize targeting of company connections to get the first-degree connections of employees from the companies you choose. (A company must have at least 500 workers).

2. Company Followers

Employ the company follower targeting feature to connect with your personal LinkedIn Page followers. (Your Ads account has to be linked to your LinkedIn page).

3. Company name

It is possible to target the particular companies’ names to reach individuals who work in a specific area. This isn’t limited to employees currently employed. Still, it is possible to find past employees, a mixture of former or present employees, and even past but not currently employed employees.

Targeting for company names is the company’s name that members list as an employer. (LinkedIn Pages that employees of the company manage).

4. Company industry: ​

The sectors are diverse, including education, agriculture manufacturing, finance and the art high-tech, corporate services, media, organizations and non-profits, transportation, and numerous offshoots.

With more than 100 industries to pick from, you can narrow your focus for your campaign to greater efficiency. Company Targeting is the main field of work for the company where employees work.

5. Company size

It is possible to target individuals according to the size of your company. The brackets are between 1 and 10 employees and 11 to 50, and the increments grow gradually.

It is also possible to target self-employed people. You can examine the first-degree connections of employees of these firms and people who are connected to the company and their jobs. You can target individuals using a complete list of standardized job titles.

Also, “worker” is not considered an employment title! The company’s size will be determined by the number of workers listed on the company’s LinkedIn Page. This allows you to target members according to the size of the business in which they are employed.

How to Target Specific Companies on LinkedIn

So let’s know  how to target specific companies on LinkedIn

1. Uploading the Audience

Firstly on our list of how to target specific companies on LinkedIn is uploading the audience. LinkedIn tends to shake things often. However, the steps we’ll discuss can be used in the future. Begin by going to the campaign manager for LinkedIn ads. Click to open the Account Assets and then click on the matched audience.

Once you’re inside Matched Audiences, you’ll be able to view the audience you’ve previously created, and, in this case, you’ll create an audience for the company list to target. On the right-hand side of the page, click Create an audience and beneath the Upload an audience header, click Contact/Company.

On the next page, you’ll be presented with a brief explanation of the “best methods.” The list contains advice on a list of companies, including uploading at least 1,000 companies. You could submit as many as 300,000 companies; however, reaching that threshold of 1,000 isn’t necessary when you’re searching to select your top 100 potential customers.

If you read on, you’ll see that some information about each business is necessary. The most common thing we do is include the name of the company and the company’s website. This is all we need for the work we’re performing.

However, adding more details about the business is an excellent idea to improve the match rate.

The next step is to give your target audience an address and add your company’s information. For new users, it’s recommended to download the company list template and populate it.

This template has all the columns of information you can fill in. The more details you can provide about these businesses more detailed, the higher the chance of a match. However, as we previously stated, all you require is the company’s name and website.

After you’ve compiled the list, you can add it on LinkedIn. Be aware that it will take LinkedIn around a week to review your list of companies before you can make it available.

2. Targeting the Audience

Second on our list of how to target specific companies on LinkedIn is targeting the audience. After uploading is completed, it is time to start new campaigns to reach the new target audience. Return to the LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager and click Create campaign to start.

After that, decide on your objective – for this instance, we’ll utilize the number of website visits. Scroll down, and then below Who’s your target people?, click Audiences and then List Upload. From there, you’ll be able to choose the company list you added for LinkedIn Ads.

When the audience has been chosen After the audience has been selected, a performance prediction will be presented. This will show your audience size, the expected 30-day spend, how many impressions you’ll get in 30-days, the ad’s CTR (click-through rate), and the expected 30-day clicks.

If you find that your list of customers is insufficient for efficient targetting of companies, Add other businesses to your list and upload it over again.

However, If your target market is too large, you can cut off the list by getting rid of large companies.

Be aware that this is a prediction and isn’t an assurance that you’ll get the outcomes you see. If you do everything correctly and do everything right, your CTR may be higher, and you may see more clicks than you anticipated.

This is all there is to it. Make your list, then upload it, and launch your campaign to reach an audience of your most promising potential customers.

Tips for Company List Targeting

Now you know what has to be accomplished to make an inventory and create the strategic plan for a company’s list of goals put in place. Here are some additional ideas to give you an edge ahead of the rest.

1. Make use of online tools to Enrich Company List Information.

We’ve mentioned it several times. However, you can get through just the name and the website. Internet-based tools will help you expand your data if you want to increase your reach.

Mainly some programs will search companies’ social media profiles and then populate your template with the relevant data. Then, you can upload the enhanced list of companies and have a better rate of the match because of it.

2. Layer Targeting to narrow down prospects

The most important thing to remember regarding companies’ list of target markets is that advertisements will be seen by everyone who works in these companies. The CEO is included, as well as CFO, HR managers as well as the janitor.

We can stop the issue (so that only those who are specifically targeted get to see our ads) by placing the target further, be it by the title of job or level of age. This can focus your attention on specific people – likely the decision-makers – and prevent your ads from being seen in front of people who aren’t interested.

Remember that your CPMs and CPCs will also increase if you do this. The only way to limit this increase is to do everything possible to create your ads as ideally as possible. You must create appealing ads and avoid falling into the traps of the most common LinkedIn errors.


If you adopt a plan which includes the company’s list of targets for the ideal clients, dreams could become a reality. You can see from the steps we’ve taken in the previous paragraph that it’s not difficult to set this up.

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