How to Set up Fedex Business Account 2022 (Detailed Guide)

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FedEx requires that your company get a FedEx account number to take maximum benefit from its discounts and services. The process of opening the FedEx account is as simple as the completion of a few pages of questions.

Then, you need to put an account with a credit card to FedEx to make deliveries, request paid pickups, or purchase additional services. It is easy to find the account number once you have created your account and start with managing your deliveries and shipments. In this article, we’ll assist you with an easy step-by-step guide on how to set up FedEx business account.

About FedEx

Before we know how to set up fedex business account, Let’s have a little knowledge on FedEx. FedEx Corp. (FDX) moves more than 18 million packages each working day in FY20 and to more than 220 territories and countries around the globe. 2 When it concerns business models, both firms have found specific niches within their respective industries and niches, with UPS focused on small-sized packages and FedEx is a specialist in time-sensitive express delivery.

FedEx Offices typically have large areas, looking like large offices for retail stores. Corporations own them. FedEx Office can provide sophisticated equipment like the digital kiosk for photos, laser printers, or access to desktops using an image scanner as well as Adobe Design software. FedEx typically targets corporate and retail customers who want and can afford the express services.

Express and Long-Haul Delivery

Purchases made online require mainly regular deliveries to local and regional areas rather than express and long-haul delivery, which is what FedEx is best at. In the interest of cost-efficiency online sellers tend to sell their products through regional fulfillment stores and local chains to avoid long-distance delivery that can be costly and time-consuming.

Therefore, FedEx’s strengths don’t play in the development of e-commerce. To meet the e-commerce’s need for faster delivery, FedEx may have to adjust its business model towards its FedEx Ground while keeping its express advantage.

FedEx’s policy is for its business units — such as express ground, freight, and services, to operate independently. Yet, 97.1% of FedEx’s clients utilize two or more of its operating units, per its website’s investor relations section, which provides a different competitive advantage.

Why do you need a FedEx account?

Before we know how to set up fedex business account, Let’s know why do you need a FedEx account. Small-sized businesses who open accounts or small business shipping accounts with FedEx accounts get access to FedEx tools that enable you to deliver multiple packages, order free items, arrange pickups, make deliveries more personalized, and monitor the mail efficiently. Your account also grants your company the ability to access an address database which can make it easier to send out frequent shipments along with comprehensive shipping reports, which can assist you in managing your expenses.

Additionally, the account will give your company access to reductions on shipping fees on the internet and at FedEx Office locations. For instance, companies can save 20% on FedEx Ground shipping and 40% on FedEx Express return services. Orders made through FedEx Office come at a discount of 10 percent.

It is also possible to join the FedEx Rewards program. FedEx Rewards program to receive special deals when you have accumulated orders for shipping and printing. You’ll be able to activate offers when they are announced and also win prizes like gift cards if you meet the requirements of the offer.

What are the benefits of having a FedEx account?

Before we know how to set up fedex business account, Let’s know the benefits of having a FedEx account.

  • 0% discount on Discount on FedEx Express(r) US domestic, international, and returns services
  • FedEx Ground(r) shipping and home delivery with FedEx Delivery(r) shipping services were reduced by 5 percent.
  • Business accounts save more than 80 percent off the FedEx Freight(r) more affordable than truckload.

How do you get a FedEx account number?

Before we know how to set up FedEx business account, Let’s know how do you get a FedEx account number. To get the FedEx Account number go to the FedEx website and click on the ” Create an Account” button. Hit the ” Sign Up” button on the account sign-up page to open the FedEx account number registration page.

The form asks for your contact details, including your username, email address, telephone number, and address. Then, you’ll choose a FedEx account ID. You’ll then enter your password two times and select an encrypted question for your security.

You’ll be required to sign to the conditions of service and then confirm that you’re looking to create a brand new FedEx account instead of creating an account for yourself or connecting an existing account. Then, select ” Continue” to choose whether you’re creating an account for business purposes, enter the details of your credit card, and answer a few questions regarding the purpose of your account. Clicking ” Complete” lets you view an account confirmation screen that displays the account’s new FedEx account number in ” Account Information.”

If you encounter an error message during registration, FedEx will have you contact its customer service number at 1-800-463-3339 for assistance completing the registration process.

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How to locate FedEx account number

Before we know how to set up fedex business account, Let’s know how to locate fedex account number. Once you’ve got the FedEx account in place Once you have it set up, you can access the FedEx account login page to log in to your account. You can then access the “Account Management” menu option.

There will be an inventory of the FedEx account numbers you own together with links and account names to see account details or to delete the account. The same page also has an option to create a new account if you think that your business requires another FedEx account.

FedEx shipping invoices for purchasing shipping labels and services will also show account numbers. You’ll see the number at the top of every page, where the invoice amount, invoice date, and account number will be displayed.

If you cannot find your FedEx account number with the above methods, you can contact the FedEx business customer service department via telephone. The main number for FedEx is 1-800-463-3339, and follow the instructions to obtain support for your business account. You’ll be required to speak with an agent who will confirm your identity and assist you in getting your account number.

How to Set up Fedex Business Account

How to Set up Fedex Business Account

Complete FedEx credentials are four components necessary to establish a connection with your FedEx shipping system and allow the plugin to function correctly. They are:

  1. Account Number,
  2. Meter Number,
  3. Web Services Key,
  4. Web Services Password.

Creating a New Fed Ex Account

Below are ways to set up FedEx account:

  • The first start, visit the FedEx Developer Resource Center.
  • In the upper left of the menu bar, click on the login or Sign Up In link and select the Create Account option from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the type of account that best suits your needs. Choose either the Personal one as well as the personal one:
  • Complete the registration form and click the Continue button below:
  • You will be directed onto the following screen, where it will ask you to provide your credit card information to be used for billing and a few other general questions at the bottom of the screen:
  • After entering all of the required information, Once you’ve entered all the required information, hit after which you click the complete button. You will be taken to the confirmation of your new account page.

Open an account FedEx Today

How to Get the Api Key?

After we have known how to set up fedex business account, let now discuss how to get the Api key:

  • If you have an account, sign into the FedEx Web Services page and click on the “Move to Production” link:
  • From the tab that has been opened, click on the button: Get the Production Key button:
  • Then you can begin with the Developers Resource Center Registration process. Accept the Terms & Conditions:
  • Choose the Profile of the Application‘s appropriate options:
  • Accept the FedEx Web Services End User License Agreement:
  • Complete a Contact Information and press Continue: Hit the button to continue. Button:
  • The next screen will ask you to provide the Developer Information and complete the process until you arrive at your confirmation screen. Screen:
  • They, as well as the password for Authentication Key ( Password) on the confirmation screen, are the four credentials required to must be entered to set up the FedEx plugin’s settings:

Frequently Asked Question

After we have known how to set up fedex business account, let know the frequently asked question:

1. Is it simple to open an account at FedEx account? 

It’s easy to start with FedEx. FedEx Customer Service may be reached via 800 FedEx (800 333339) or by registering accounts online.

2. How can I get FedEx cheaper?

  • Set up a business account and log in regularly to be notified of discounted deliveries.
  • Sign up to join My FedEx Rewards by filling out the form below.
  • Choose the most affordable shipping option for your needs.
  • Fees must be considered…
  • To avoid paying to pick up, consider drop-off services.

3. How much does it cost for a fedex business account?

Creating an account with FedEx accounts of any type is at no cost. When you sign up for an account for shipping, it is required to provide the number of your credit card so that your billing information will be connected directly to the FedEx account. It is possible to have your credit card temporarily detained at $1 to ensure verification.

4. Do you get a discount if you have a FedEx account?

By combining the card with the FedEx account, your business is qualified for a 15% discount on FedEx Express and discounts of 12% on FedEx Ground and 20% off on FedEx Office. If the business does not already have its own FedEx or negotiated rates or a FedEx Advantage Program, the FedEx Advantage Program may be capable of providing discounts on rates.

5. Does FedEx offer business address?

If you’re looking to sign up your business address through FedEx, There are two choices. If you only send one shipment every so often, you can create your username and password when you first start shipping, and an account for regular shipping is created through your FedEx system.


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