How Long Does It Take To Make Money On YouTube In 2022

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Most people view YouTube (GOOG) as a site to locate instructional videos, view music clips, or waste time. Some people, however, see YouTube revenue as a source for online businesses.

YouTube is accessible to everyone and is watched by users who spend an average of one billion hours a day, as per Omnicore. If you’re searching for an entertainment source, inspiration, education, or any of the above, youtube is your answer. YouTube is the ideal platform. So the question is “how long does it take to make money on YouTube?”

Earning money through YouTube was once just as easy as uploading awesome video content, earning millions of views, and earning a percentage of the revenue from advertising. So the question sometimes is “how do creators make money on YouTube?”

Today, content creators can choose various ways to make money from the content they create. Apart from advertising, this may be done through the sponsorship of a corporation by a large brand and fan-funded sales. This article will help you understand how long does it take to make money on YouTube and other YouTube reviews.

How to Make Money With YouTube

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how to make money with YouTube. In 2021, the top paid Youtube channel was owned by MrBeast, who earned the record amount of $54 million during the entire year. Earning money with YouTube requires work and patience. However, the effort can yield large sums of profits. Below are the steps to make money Through YouTube.

1. Create a YouTube Account

How Long Does It Take To Make Money On YouTube

Before you can start earning money through YouTube or knowing how long does it take to make money on YouTube, it is necessary to have a YouTube account. Since YouTube is a Google company and requires the use of a Google email address or Gmail to sign up.

After registration is completed and your YouTube account is in use, it’s time to fill your account, also known as a channel with videos. The fact that you have an account doesn’t automatically mean that you will make money from it.

YouTube account owners have to follow specific guidelines, for example, developing a following and maintaining a certain degree of engagement. A growing number of followers is evidence that your channel can earn revenue.

2. Make Videos

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how the ways to make good videos to earn on YouTube. To attract followings and get viewers, YouTube video creators need to constantly create content that viewers are interested in watching before knowing how long does it take to make money on YouTube. So, the following step would be to produce videos. There’s no one universal formula to determine what will function on YouTube. The most popular videos include professionally-produced music videos, as well as informal family videos that are recorded with smartphones.

Smartphones are simple and productive since most of them have been equipped with high-quality cameras. Making videos in HD produces a higher-high-quality video. So make sure to use the best quality setting available on your smartphone. If you’re looking to record a more professional-looking video, consider using the DSLR camera and the microphone of an additional device.

Edit your video with the help of a desktop application like YouTube’s no-cost Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, or a paid software such as Adobe Premiere for more robust options. YouTube also has a no-cost editor with basic functions. While editing your video, ensure to avoid using copyrighted music. The video isn’t qualified to be eligible for YouTube advertising when you’re doing this.

3. Upload to YouTube and Configure for SEO

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how to upload a video on YouTube and configure for SEO. Once your video is completed, you are ready to upload your video to YouTube. YouTube servers. It is possible to drag and drop your video from your computer to YouTube’s uploader or upload them one at a time by clicking the upload icon.

Based on the size of your video and the speed of your Internet connectivity, the upload process can take up to a couple of seconds to several hours. You can upload several videos at once if you don’t close the uploading page in your browser.

Once your video has been uploaded or is being uploaded, you can complete the details about the video. Try to be as thorough as you can when creating a title description, category, or tag. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. An effective SEO (SEO) can mean the difference between just a couple of views or millions of views.

4. Promote Your Video

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know why it is important to promote your video. When your video is live, Now is the time to get your message out there. Post your video to blogs, social media forums, message boards, forums, and everywhere else you’re able to online.

The video can be embedded on different websites or provide a link to the video so that viewers can view your video via YouTube. Be careful not to practice spamming, as it could cause fewer views for your videos.

Promoting your videos can help you to get more subscribers and views. The more people who view your content, the closer you closer to earning cash from your content. When your channel is up and running, and you’ve got a catalog of content and loyal viewers, you’re now prepared to earn money from your videos.

5. YouTube Partner Program

The monetization process starts with the application process to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which allows the account owner to earn income from their content (from subscriptions and ads) and provides access to various tools and resources, for example, AdSense. YPP acceptance is contingent on the YouTube account remaining in satisfactory standing with YouTube, having at least 4,000 hours of public watch hours over the past 12 months, and having at least 1,000 subscribers.

After being accepted as a participant, you can join to get the AdSense account when you are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. AdSense is the main advertising engine Google utilizes for its partner sites, including YouTube. When registering an AdSense account, you’ll have to enter payment information and provide tax reporting details like a Social Security number or employee identification number (EIN) for your company.

Your AdSense earnings are determined by the number of views your video gets, the advertisers that show on your video, and how often the advertisements are clicked. Clicks and engagement have more importance than views total, and when you have more views, the higher number of clicks and engagements you get, the greater chance of clicks. Based on the video’s level of engagement, it is possible to earn between 30 cents and $10 per 1000 views.

Creating videos that viewers be engaged to watch throughout the duration will earn more money than videos people click away after a couple of minutes.

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How To Become A Youtube Partner

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how to become a YouTube Partner. Signing up to join the YouTube Partner program signifies that you have the opportunity to be eligible for YouTube monetization. As a YouTube partner, you’ll be paid money by Google AdSense based on the traffic your videos drive.

You’ll be able to advertise on your videos. And as you get more viewers, you earn more advertising income through Google AdSense.

When you’ve created videos on YouTube videos and then placed advertisements, they will continue to run the duration of the video is life which helps you earn a passive income.

To become a YouTube Partner, You’ll need to:

  • At least 4,000 hours of watch time
  • Minimum of 1,000 subscribers
  • A connected Google Adsense account
  • No active community is a problem on your account
  • To reside in a nation that is a member of the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • To comply with YouTube’s policies on monetization

6. Sponsorship

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how sponsorship works on YouTube. YouTube content creators also have other opportunities to earn revenue besides advertising and subscribers. Brands typically seek influential people to promote their services and products.

Because of the large number of users YouTube draws, the platform is a great place to advertise. Third-party companies can benefit from YouTube’s popularity by signing sponsorship agreements with the account owners.

Brands’ sponsorship is an attractive choice for YouTubers, as companies are willing to pay them to serve as brand sponsors and promote the brand, product, or service through their videos. YouTubers often promote the product non-confirmed, and the brand sponsorship is typically integrated into other videos with no connection to the content.

7. Endorsement

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how endorsement works on YouTube. Like endorsements, they are secured through agreements between the third party with YouTube. YouTube influencer. Unlike sponsorship, where the YouTuber only endorses an offer, an endorsement is a form of advertising with the YouTuber’s seal of approval.

They stand behind their statements regarding the product and provide an endorsement as a guarantee to their viewers. In exchange for their endorsement of an item, the business or service person who is the influencer is paid a commission.

8. Merchandise

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s understand merchandise works on YouTube. YouTube influencers with an established channel and a loyal following can make an additional income by selling merchandise, also known as merchandise.

The branded merchandise, like T-shirts and hats, can connect viewers to YouTubers and help build a feeling of loyalty. This is another way to support the influencers beyond just viewing their content and subscribing to their YouTube channels.

Selling items can be extremely profitable, bringing top YouTubers millions in earnings. Due to their innovative design, certain merchandise from influencers goes beyond their followers. In turn, these new merch customers tend to become fans of YouTube content.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money On YouTube()

The question is a complex one. The answer is similar to the world in the industry of music. Like the breakout artists and artists who hit the right note and have an enormous fanbase, YouTube stars with millions of subscribers are expected to earn the biggest profits, often earning seven figures.

According to Forbes, Stevin John, the creator of the highly-popular children’s channel Blippi, earned $17 million in 2020. This was mostly due to Blippi’s 8.2 billion page views and 27.4 million viewers he’s amassed on YouTube. This kind of popularity is more the case than the norm; however, don’t let that hinder you.

Sean Cannell, a co-author of “YouTube Secrets” and founder of the Think Media channel, advises new YouTubers to rely on affiliate marketing to be the most effective way to earn cash right from the beginning. In the video, in 2021, the author says that making $500 per week is possible with the proper niche and strategy.

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money on YouTube?

After we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how many subscribers on Youtube to make money. To earn money from YouTube, the account holder must be a YouTube Partner Program member. YouTube Partner Program demands that the account be subscribed to at least 1,000 times.

How Many Views Do You Need on YouTube to Make Money?

Before we know how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know how many view it will take to earn money on youtube. To make money from videos, the YouTuber has to participate in the YouTube Partner Program, which requires at least 4000 hours of public viewing in the past 12 months and certain subscriber thresholds.

Why is it harder than ever before to earn money from YouTube

After knowing how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know why it is hard to earn money now on YouTube or why it is hard to know when does YouTube payout.

1. Bad actors

The principal reasons behind these changes are the widespread concern about the ability of YouTube to control its content. In particular, they want to know what content is appropriate for display advertisements.

Brands like Lidl and Mars quit the site in 2017 because their ads were shown alongside videos with negative comments. Pepsi and Walmart quit in the past year due to concerns over hatred speech.

Consider the vlogger of popular gaming PewDiePie, For instance, that sparked controversy following his being discovered using racist slurs in 2017.

Then there was prank vlogger Logan Paul’s video that showed his body as a suicide survivor in Aokigahara, the Japanese “suicide forest,” while he chuckled uncontrollably. The video was later taken down.

2. Content creators

There is so much controversy surrounding these kinds of videos because they target an audience of young viewers. This has resulted in experts inquiring about what kind of content is appropriate and where the boundaries of what is acceptable are.

The videos of vloggers such as the Paul brothers are extremely successful with YouTube’s algorithms and get much attention from YouTube. They update their content every day, and their content is self-referential and meme-saturated, and they frequently “beef” with each other and with other vloggers.

YouTube is a great place to reward the kind of videos that are rewarded since they keep viewers engaged for longer. Logan Paul and his brother (also a YouTube vlogger) also receive support in the form of tangible items through YouTube. They were also the main focus of the 2017 YouTube Rewind, the annual, star-studded music video.

3. Everything in moderation

Vanity Fair paints YouTube as a Matryoshka doll that evokes nightmares of vlogging and the threat to content creators to become more threatening until they’re “all there is” left in the world of culture. Similarly, The Verge stated that the videos would “never pass muster at a traditional outlet.”

From where I’m sitting, I can tell these videos look similar to the TV show Jackass that aired broadcast on MTV between 2000 to 2002. It was a show that included self-injuring acts like inserting a toy car in the cast member’s anus, smoking the wasabi, and tattooing an off-road vehicle that was moving. The show aired before 10 pm, the time of a campaign initiated by US Senator Joe Lieberman to remove it.

Jackass was later changed from broadcasting to a movie franchise, enabling more shocking stunts to be made available with a rating of less than 18 within the UK.

For the Jackass group, the question of suitability was resolved through age limitations. Perhaps a third reason for the shift to film was protested by advertisers that Jackass was becoming too hot for commercial broadcast viability.

4. Money talks

YouTube claims it is speaking to prominent users on its platform to get their opinions and avoid the possibility of future incidents. However, YouTube also claims that it is not controlled in the same manner as broadcasters, claiming it’s an internet platform that provides content.

In YouTube’s blogs, written by the chief executive Susan Wojcicki on the new rules, it is the advertisers’ reactions and the revenues losses that have been considered. In this way, it seems that the advertisers’ reactions are always used as the basis for evaluating the quality of service.

YouTube offers advertisers the option of removing ads on specific videos – like LGBTQ content or discussion of mental health issues – if they feel they don’t agree with a brand’s message. It was discovered last year that this might cause content to be removed from the site. That is, the creator doesn’t receive an income share from the ads for the video.

5. Drawing the line

YouTube indeed gets its funding from advertisers. Therefore, it is sensible to be attentive to their needs and wants. However, under the current system, brands’ responses can be used as a pretext for third-party regulation. At the moment the content creators sketch out the lines for suitable content and content, it’s often advertisers who are the ones with the final say in the matter of whether or not content is acceptable.

Although viewers may be interested in LGBT wedding vows, discussions on sexual health, or documentaries about suicide prevention, the truth is that some companies don’t wish to be linked with the subject matter.
This contrasts with what attracted many people to the site in the beginning.

YouTube has a long-standing history of LGBT acceptance and acceptance. It is also the site of ” it gets better” videos that feature celebrities and public figures recounting their coming-out stories. A lot of people have spoken about how YouTube’s videos about the transition as well as psychological health assisted them in a significant way.

This is why we hope that we move ahead. YouTube also remembers to be attentive to its users, communities, and the major brands and creators of content. So, when do you start getting paid on YouTube?

When Does YouTube Start Paying You?

After we have already known how long does it take to make money on YouTube, Let’s know when YouTube starts paying for your videos. When will YouTube begin to pay you for the videos of your channel and how long does it take to make money on YouTube? It’s crucial to understand some terms to know what happens and when .

1. Cost Per Impression

“Cost per impression” is the measure YouTube employs to calculate the amount they will pay you, Also called CPI. Each time someone views ads on your videos is a credit towards your account. After 10 000 views, the chance to earn a profit truly begins. For every 10,000 clicks, your numbers increase.

2. CPI Dollar Amount

The median CPI of $2. The videos you upload may be able to have a CPI that ranges from just a few cents all way to $10. The method by which YouTube determines this is determined by an algorithm and is entirely at their discretion.

The factors that determine this include the cost of the ads, whether your viewers are watching the entire advertisement or not, the viewers’ target audience, and the popularity of your channel.

3. AdSense Account

If you get enough attention through YouTube’s algorithm, you can begin receiving money from Google;  So, when do you get paid on YouTube?, it will be through AdSense. Like YouTube, AdSense is a distinct entity and, in this case, owned by Google. Most vloggers receive their money by direct deposit every month, usually on the 21st.

But be aware that the possibility of your channel’s channel receiving payments is dependent on AdSense, but not every content is eligible for payment according to its rules. Be sure to read the rules before sign-up. YouTubers with YouTube channels outside of the United States may be paid through wire transfers or mailed checks.


Despite all this, those who can attract a loyal and large following can earn a significant income through YouTube. According to Forbes, the most well-paid YouTube video creators bring up to $20 million per year, so many are chasing this seemingly endless source of revenue.

Hope this article on how long does it take to get paid from YouTube was helpful, You can leave a comment below.

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