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Are you considering leasing a car and truck for your next journey; however, where do you begin? In between finding the very best rate, understanding what’s included, considering insurance coverage alternatives, and remaining up-to-date on altering policies, it’s a lot. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

If you know what you’re looking for, leasing an automobile on KAYAK car rental takes less than 10 minutes. Discover how to rent a car and truck and get a good deal. In this short article, we will talk about everything you require to learn about kayak car rental.

About Kayak

Get a Cheap Car at Kayak Car Rental

Kayak search engine results checked one of the most car rental businesses and offered the most affordable general cost and the lowest price on the control car search.

Kayak’s 37-second search was the fastest among the leading apps. That speed was excellent when we dug in to find that Kayak had searched for prices on Expedia, Priceline,, and numerous other websites.

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How Does Car Rental Work On KAYAK Rental Cars?

So you’ve chosen to lease an automobile. You might be preparing for a long journey with your household, visiting a city for a short organization journey, or just picking up a vehicle to move some furnishings. No matter your reason for leasing an automobile, getting acquainted with the procedure is excellent so that you can get a lot.

At extremely least, you need to respond to how long it takes to rent an automobile, how to get a cheap car leasing, how booking and payments work, how different types of insurance work, and how pickups and returns work. When you know what you’re searching for, you can lease the best vehicle for your trip in under 10 minutes. Let’s begin with how to rent a car and truck on KAYAK car rental.

How to rent a car on KAYAK?

KAYAK car rental searches through hundreds of vehicle rental businesses simultaneously so you can filter and compare all the results for your given destination and dates. You can look around for car rentals and compare rates on one site without opening many tabs and browsing for hours. Here’s how to find cheap car leasing on KAYAK:

1. Select your dates

The first thing you need to do is pick your pickup and drop-off dates. This one’s lovely and self-explanatory, but try to be particular about the times you plan on picking up and dropping off because it impacts the price and availability of cars and trucks for the leasing.

You can also choose between the “same drop-off” point and “various drop-off” point so you can lease an automobile for a trip and drop it off at your final location.

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2. Apply filters

  • Vehicle type: Filter by cars and truck type if you currently understand if you desire a compact automobile, a full-size sedan, an SUV, a high-end automobile, etc. KAYAK has streamlined the filter terms to simply short, medium, enormous, SUV, high-end, and pickup truck to ensure everything is clear with market terms.
  • Capacity: Filter by either traveler capacity or bag capacity if you’re still determining if the automobile type you want will comfortably fit the number of individuals or bags you’re taking a trip with. This narrows your search through numerous vehicle types.
  • Rental agency: Filter by the rental firm if you have an existing membership with one that includes advantages or chooses one over the other because you have had positive experiences in the past. Please look at our ranking of the top-rated rental firms from our 2019 Travel Hacker Awards.
  • Policies: Filter by policies including unlimited mileage, totally free cancellation, fair fuel policy, and boosted cleansing. Look at our post on how far you can drive a rental car and truck to assist choose whether you’ll require limitless mileage or be OK with a mileage cap.
  • Overall rate: Filter by total rate (including taxes) if you have a stringent price variety.
  • Pickup: You can filter by airport or non-airport pickup if you search for a specific city. There are advantages to both, and costs are typically comparable throughout locations. Nevertheless, getting and dropping off at the exact location is constantly more affordable.
  • “At terminal” or “Shuttle”: If you search for an airport, you can filter in between vehicles you can pick up straight at the terminal or automobiles that you need to take a shuttle to get. These shuttle buses are generally free and conveniently found so that you can get to the car from the airport.
  • ” Pay now” or “Pay at the counter.”: You’ll enter your card payment details online if you choose to pay now and finish the deal. If you choose to pay at the counter, you’ll complete your reservation online and pay face-to-face when you get the vehicle.

3. View the offer

When you’re ready to book a particular itinerary, select “view deal” to continue. Depending on the deal, you can finish the reservation on the KAYAK car rentals website or go to the rental car company’s site. The cost will be the same either way, but you may have to take this additional step often.

4. Complete reservation.

When it’s time to finish your booking, you’ll be able to review the details of your offer once again and add extras if you’re interested. One last thing to remember is that you’re reserving the kind of automobile, but the specific model you pick up depends on accessibility.

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