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Do you want to cut costs and increase the value of your travel rewards when you go on a Disney trip? You can do that with a Disney credit card, usually an option for Disney-loving travelers to accomplish exactly that. The idea is to earn points towards Disney Rewards, which you could use on a subsequent vacation to spend on things you already have.
It’s also a good idea to pull Mickey or another beloved Disney character out of your wallet when you buy something that makes a difference on a dull day. This article will review the essential information you need about Disney credit.

What is Disney credit?

Disney credit cards are available in two varieties, and both let you select a range of Disney-themed cards, from Tinker Bell to “Toy Story.” 2.2% rewards on gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and most Disney places. 1.1% reward when you purchase other items. 1percent in rewards for all purchases.

As an individual who has been involved in travel rewards and loyalty programs for over a decade, I know that credit cards are an extremely effective tool to save cash on family vacations. There are numerous hotel cards, flexible points cards, and cash-back credit cards available worldwide. The best choice (or one that is) will require research and thorough cost-benefit analysis. Credit cards are also a source of potential risk and the possibility of creating financial errors. All consumers should exercise caution.

Disney Credit Card Basics

The credit card families planning the Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani, or Disney Cruise Line vacations often think of is one that is a Disney card from Chase. Chase Disney credit card are of two kinds.

  • Disney Visa Card: No annual fee
  • Disney Premier Visa Card: $49 annual fee.

As of August 20, these cards carry an interest rate of 15.99 percent. At that rate, the cards are unsuitable for those with an outstanding balance. The interest rate would more than cancel any rewards you earn.

If you can pay your credit card bills monthly in full, how do you determine whether Disney cards are the best choice for your family and you? How do you decide between the two choices?

In evaluating any reward-earning credit cards, I begin by looking at an annual charge, if there is an applicable one. Following that, I consider three other important aspects concerning the annual fees associated with the card:

  1. The welcome bonus/signup reward
  2. Rewards for spending
  3. Additional Perks and Discounts available from The Disney Credit Cards

(Of course, the interest rates and other fees are important, but you’re not paying late fees or any interest, aren’t you? ).

There aren’t many credit cards that are top performers across all three categories. Disney cards aren’t an exception to this rule. Let’s look at all three features on these cards to determine if these cards are worth it for you, based on your goals for travel and spending patterns.

Sign-Up Reward

New cardholders who apply for this Disney Premier Visa card can get a Disney world credit card rewards which is $200 in credit on their statement after spending $500 within three months from the time they open the account. But, you’re qualified for the Disney credit card sign up bonus when you’ve not already had a bonus card with the same card in the last two years.

Rewards For Spending

Chase makes it easy to earn rewards with your Disney Premier Visa. You can get 2% back in rewards points when you spend at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations. For all other purchases, you get 1% back. The problem is, redemption isn’t as flexible with this card as with most travel cards.

Points can be redeemed for almost all Disney and Star Wars purchases at most Disney locations. This includes resort stays, shopping, theme park tickets, resort dining, and more.

Points can also be redeemed for a statement credit when you purchase airline tickets using your card. Redemptions start at $50 for an airline statement credit when you purchase tickets to any destination. However, you can’t use your points as miles to directly buy tickets, nor can you redeem points to help cover other travel costs, such as the cost of an overnight stay at a hotel that’s not affiliated with Disney.

Additional Perks and Discounts available from The Disney Credit Cards

The signup bonus, as well as rewards earned, aren’t as strong in comparison to other rewards cards that are available. Still, there’s one area in that Disney credit cards excel: the additional benefits! They offer discounts and access to special services that make a difference in making your family’s Disney holiday even more enjoyable. They can, and they will with the proper use.

Possessing one among the two Disney cards grants the holder access to the following benefits and discounts:

  • Six months at 0% finance for Disney holidays or Disney Vacation Club purchase
  • 10% off on purchases from, the Disney Store, and (with coupon code #DRVCMEMBER) and for purchases of $50 or more in select stores for merchandise in Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Aulani, and Disney Beach Resorts when mentioning the offer
  • 10% off selected menus and experiences in Disneyland or Walt Disney World;
  • 15% off selected guided tours as well as selected salon and spa locations;
  • Particular Disney Cruise Line perks and discounts;
  • Private meet and greets with characters with a free download of photos from Disneyland as well as Walt Disney World (note: the current suspension is set to end in 2021, but the possibility of a magical shot is available instead) as well as
  • Possibility to redeem points to purchase the credit of statement credit for an airline (Premier Card only).

Advantages offered by Disney Credit Card

This Disney Premier Visa provides unquestionable benefits, such as the opportunity to earn fuel bonuses, groceries, and certain eating establishments in addition to Disney spending. A signup bonus that is easy to earn is another benefit that this credit card offers.

What is the credit score you require to get a Disney credit card?

You’ll probably need at minimum a credit score of (670 or more as per FICO) to qualify for this Disney® Premier Visa® Card. Disney® Premier Visa® Card is likely to be easier to qualify for when you don’t have a credit score quite as high and will be accessible to people with fair credit (580 or more). Many factors go into deciding whether you’re eligible for credit cards, and even if you have a good credit score, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get approved, and it’s the opposite.

How Do i Get My Disney Credit Card CLICK HERE

A standard  Disney® Visa® Card Card is free of annual fees, and its Disney® Premier Visa® Card comes with an annual fee of $49. Both cards have a 3% balance transfer fee or a minimum of $5 which is the greater amount.

These two cards come with an initial APR of 0% for the first six months after you buy the Disney vacation package or cruise (then 14.24%-23.24 percent variable), giving you to take longer to finance your family’s Disney holiday.

If you are planning to visit Disney parks in other countries, bear at heart that both their credit cards will charge a 3percent fee for foreign transactions.

Winner: Since you have the long 0% interest intro period for both cards and are charged foreign transaction charges, The Disney® Visa® Card has the advantage due to its $0 annual cost.

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5 Things to Know About the Disney Credit Cards

Disney Credit Comprehensive Review

1. The two cards differ in fees, bonus offers, and rewards.

Disney credit cards are available in two flavors, and both let you select from a variety of Disney-themed designs, including Tinker Bell up to “Toy Story.”

  • The Disney Rewards® Visa® Card

  • The Disney’s Premier Visa® Card

You might be asking which Disney credit card is the best. Here’s a glance at how they stack up:

Disney’s Premier Visa® Card

Disney Rewards® Visa® Card

Annual fee




• 2% in rewards at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations.

• 1% in rewards on all other purchases.

• 1% in rewards on all purchases.

Sign-up bonus

Earn a $300 statement credit after you spend $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.

Get a $150 statement credit after you spend $500 on purchases in the first 3 months.

2. The rewards are not great.

They aren’t credit cards that offer cash back. Instead, you earn rewards from Disney Rewards Dollars.

  • The Disney Rewards® Visa® Card gives you a fixed reward of 1% on every purchase. It means that if you purchase $100 — whether it’s on food or groceries, specifically on Mickey merchandise, you’ll earn one Disney Rewards Dollar.
  • The Walt Disney Premium Visa®Card is more valuable and earns the equivalent of 2% in cash back at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and most Disney places. Every other purchase earns a percentage. If you fill your gas tank at $50 and use this card, you’ll receive 1 Rewards Dollar.

They aren’t competitive reward rates. The reward rate for Disney Rewards® Visa® card is particularly low, especially considering that the standard industry norm for flat-rate Rewards cards is 1.5 to 2percent back on all purchases.

Disney’s Premier Visa® card is an improvement. However, there are a variety of rewards cards that earn more — and also in cash back and not “Rewards Dollars” — without having to pay any annual fees at all. The Citi® Double Cash Card 18-month B.T. offer, for example, provides cashback of 2% on all purchases. You get 1 percent back for every purchase and another percent when you pay your amount.

3. Both cards come with an intro APR of 0%

Suppose you don’t want to be paying for your entire vacation simultaneously. In that case, Both Disney cards offer the 0% APR intro offer that lasts for six months following each purchase of a qualifying Disney vacation package, cruise, or resort. This gives you six months of breathing space to cut down an amount likely to be in the thousands. As of March 20, 2022, the current variable APR for every card ranges from 13.99 percent to 22.99 percent.

4. This process of redemption is not as simple and is a hassle.

When used to purchase qualified products or services, Disney Rewards Dollars are worth $1. First, let’s talk about the good news regarding what can be considered eligible is that with The Premier card, you can utilize all of your Disney Rewards Dollars as a statement credit towards airline travel. Redemptions begin at 50 Disney Rewards Dollars, which is equivalent to the equivalent of a $50 statement credit for airlines.

Beyond this, Disney Rewards Dollars can be used for qualified Disney and “Star Wars” purchases, such as Disney theme park trips, Disney cruises, Disney and “Star Wars” films, and for shopping at Disney’s brick-and-mortar and online stores.

For those who have options, The rewards redemption process is cumbersome:

  • When you’ve earned at least 20 Rewards Dollars Once you’ve earned that amount, please get in touch with Chase and request the Disney Rewards Redemption Card. It functions similarly to a prepaid credit card but can only be used on certain purchases. It is required to earn 10 Rewards Dollars to refill the card.
  • A few restrictions on the Disney Rewards Dollars are expiring after five years. If you’re planning to accumulate some points to fund a Disney vacation, you’ll need to be sure to do it within the timeframe.

If a trip to Magic Kingdom is more of a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you don’t often buy merchandise, you may be able to earn cash to spend however you’d like or general travel rewards to pay for your flight, hotel, or cruise.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, for example, gives you 2 miles per dollar on the majority of purchases as well as 5 miles per dollar you spend on hotels and rental vehicles booked by Capital One Travel; miles can be exchanged for credit towards any travel expenses at the cost of one cent per dollar. The annual cost is $95. However, you get a significant welcome bonus that will cover the cost for several years.

5. Cardholders get special benefits and offer

If you frequent the parks If you’re a frequent park hopper, these Disney cards can provide substantial savings. They both offer discounts, which are difficult to find in the most beautiful place in the world. Earth. Cardholders can save 10% off the purchase of select items worth $50 or more at selected places within the resorts. They also get 10% off certain products at Disney Store stores and Certain dining establishments in the parks offer 10 percent off when using your card. However, it is important to note that there are days when the discount isn’t in place.

The cards also give you a substantial 15% discount on selected tours and recreation activities in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The savings can be substantial. For instance, a single-day Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour could cost as much as $349 for a person, including tax. This means that cardholders will save approximately $52

What bank is Disney credit card?

The bank that offers Disney credit cards will be JPMorgan Chase Bank. JPMorgan Chase Bank offers the Disney Visa credit cards, N.A. Member of the FDIC. The offer is subject to alteration. The offer is only accessible to (i) current members who have this credit card or (ii) past customers who were awarded an additional bonus cardmember for this credit card in the past 24 months. When you receive your credit card via mail, you can utilize the Disney credit card anywhere Visa credit cards can be used.

3 Alternatives for the Disney Co-branded Credit Cards

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card can save cardholders more money than Disney Premier Visa Card for their Disney holiday. Do not let the annual cost discourage you. When you go on a Disney trip, you’ll gain more value and save money than the annual cost of this Disney® Prime Visa® Credit Card.

Capital One Venture Rewards offer the current welcome bonus. Capital One Venture Rewards is quite a bit of eligible travel. Most families spend between $2,000 to $4,000 on the cost of a Disney trip and shouldn’t be able to meet the threshold for spending.

The Venture Rewards credit card from Capital One gives you more rewards that are worth spending daily. You earn 5 miles for every dollar spent on rental vehicles and hotels that you book via Capital One Travel and an unlimited 2 miles per dollar on other purchases. This earns you more cash back on your everyday purchases than with any or both of these Disney co-branded credit cards.

Venture’s miles are redeemable to receive statement credits which will offset any eligible travel purchases you make at a rate of 1 cent per point. It is possible to use miles to pay for the cost of a Disney holiday package (tickets and hotel together) or a Disney hotel-only reservation made via Disney. But, they can also be used for flights or other travel expenses. If you don’t have enough miles to pay for the entire cost of your purchase, don’t fret because you can still pay for the cost using the combination of cash and miles.

An important note When you purchase Disney World tickets only from Disney, the purchase will not qualify as travel. It’s not feasible to use your Venture miles to purchase the tickets. Fortunately, Disney World tickets purchased through trusted ticket retailers such as undercover tourists or the Get-Away Today are coded as travel, so you’re purchasing tickets using your Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card through these websites instead.


Chase Freedom Unlimited®

Another credit card to think about taking advantage of for your Disney holiday is Chase Freedom Unlimited. You’ll get lots of value from this card, especially with the new bonus categories that Chase offers.

Many cardholders will be eligible to benefit from the potential for earning from Chase Freedom Unlimited®. Earn cashback of 5% on all flights and other travel booked via The Chase Ultimate Rewards® Travel Portal; therefore, if you’re planning to fly for Disney World, you will already start saving cash when you book flights. Additionally, you will get 3% cash back at drugstores, restaurants, and other establishments. Other purchases earn 1.5 percent cash back.

Although the 3% discount at drugstores may not sound appealing initially, it is an opportunity to save on your Disney vacation rather than using a Disney or co-branded credit card. The best strategy is to purchase Disney gift cards from the local drugstore and then utilize them to fund your Disney vacation. Disney gift cards could be used to cover the hotel and tickets for your trip and purchases like souvenirs and food while at Disney World. If you use this method, you’ll receive 1.5 percent more on your Disney vacation, which adds to a rapid increase.

In comparing the amount you’ll save during your first year joining, Forbes Advisor calculates that you could get $781 off your Disney holiday using the Chase Freedom Unlimited® in comparison to $708 using the Disney® Premier Visa® Card. The calculation is based on the assumption that all your Disney expenses for your vacation are paid by Disney gift cards that you purchase with the strategy described above.

Although it may not seem like a lot, remember you’re using this Chase Freedom Unlimited® as an annual cost card. In the second year of membership, this Chase Freedom Unlimited’s higher earning potential, as well as its ability to earn more than the Disney® Premium Visa® card’s annually charged fees, will mean that the majority of cardholders will receive more with Chase Freedom Unlimited®. Chase Unlimited card. Unlimited®. Additionally, the cashback from this card Unlimited® can be utilized to make all purchases, not just Disney ones, giving you more flexibility.

And those with a high-end Chase Ultimate Rewards-earning credit cards such as Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve® can perform even better. When combined with one of the cards, rewards earned with these cards, Chase Freedom Unlimited, become full-fledged Chase Ultimate Rewards® points. They can then be transferred in a 1:1 ratio with Chase’s partners in travel, such as United as well as Hyatt, or used to redeem them through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® website to earn 1.25 (or 1.5 cents each (depending on the card that is a premium one) instead of. The cent per point they’re worth without using a higher-end Chase card.


Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card

A third option to consider if you’re trying to save money for your Disney World vacation is the Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card. The card is free of annual fees and offers a welcome bonus of $200 in cash rewards after making a minimum of $1,000 worth of purchases within its first 30 days following your account. Similar to its counterpart, the Chase Freedom Unlimited®, This card is a winner due to its potential to earn.

Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card holders get 3% cash back in the category of their choice. You also earn 2 percent at the grocery store or wholesale stores (up to $2,500 for the combined category of grocery store/wholesale club purchases per quarter) and unlimited% on other purchases.

To estimate the amount you can save on the cost of a Disney holiday using the Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card, we believe that most cardholders will spend the maximum amount in the 3% category each quarter during the initial year of membership. With a little planning, you can purchase Disney gift cards using the drug or online buying category for over two quarters. You could also purchase your tickets or make other travel-related purchases in a different quarter and concentrate on the spending on another (or one of the same) categories during this fourth quarter.

In that light, you can earn 1% cashback on all your other purchases; you’ll save as much as $664 over the first year of the card’s membership towards your Disney holiday. Even though that’s not as much as the $708 that you could save using your Disney® Premium Visa® Card during the initial year, you’ll begin to see a significant improvement after the second year of membership since it is a Credit card from Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card does not have an annual cost.

If you’re already a Bank of America customer, you will save even more by using The Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card. To be eligible for the Bank of America®‘s Preferred Rewards program, you must maintain an amount of $20,000 of assets total in a suitable Bank of America or Merrill account.

  • Three banks of America® Preferred Rewards program levels:
  • Gold: $20,000 – $49,999, three-month average balance (25 percent reward bonus)
  • Gold: $50,000 to $99999, the average of three months’ combined balance (50 percent reward bonus)
  • Platinum Honors $200,000 or more for three months average balance (75 percent reward bonus)

You will receive bonuses based on the Bank of America Preferred Rewards class. Gold-tier members get an additional 25% reward bonus, Platinum tier members receive 50 percent rewards, and Platinum Honors members get a 75% reward bonus. In this regard, Platinum, Gold Platinum, and Platinum Honors tier members will save $780, $896, or $1,012 during the first three years of the Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card on their Disney holidays, respectively.


The Final Analysis: Should I Buy credit card Disney?

So do you think you are sure that the Disney credit card is the right one for you and your loved ones? It is, of course, contingent on what you want to travel for and the way you spend your money.

If you don’t own any additional travel-related rewards credit cards (or do not have any), I don’t suggest you start with a credit card for Disney. You might want to consider one of the profitable cards in my list of the top reward credit cards to use for Disney travel or the top reward credit cards for families traveling initially. Add one or two cards from the lists using the debit card version or Disney card. This will give you Disney benefits and discounts with a reputable reward card for travel.

However, if you’re committed to getting a Disney credit card, I believe the no-annual cost Disney Visa is a good fit for many families who plan every year on a Disney vacation. The card won’t provide a lot of rewards for non-Disney-related spending; however, the benefits of the card are beneficial to families who visit Disney regularly. I’d make use of the card exclusively at Disney to get discounts. However, I’d place other daily expenditures on a card that earns cash back, points, and rewards in higher amounts.

The main point is that? A Disney credit card is ideal for families who don’t have an outstanding credit card balance and who go to the Disney place at least once per year or more often, and who enjoy and enjoy Disney-related discounts and benefits. In my opinion, the debit card can quickly contact anyone who is an existing Chase customer. In comparison to both credit and debit cards, the zero annual fees Disney Visa offered through Chase is the best one of two Disney cards suitable for families with children.

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